SOG BladeLight: Outdoor Living & Camper Life Made Simple

If you’ve ever looked at your blade and thought about how easy it would be if there was a built in light then you aren’t the only one. Never worry about trying to find your flashlight again. Simply pull your BladeLight out of its sheath and light up your environment.


BladeLight is a knife blade with a patent pending technology that uses 6 LEDs molded into the handle on either side of the knife blade. Producing 34-37 Lumens of white light the BladeLight is designed to make outdoor living simple. The blade can provide a shadowless light when cutting and can also double as a flashlight when its sheathed or closed.


Made to Perform

Its water resistant so it can be fully immersed and comes outfitted with state of the art push button switches. The clip point blade folds into a molded GRN, glass-reinforced nylon, handle with a lock. The blade is made out of stainless steel and is powered with AAA batteries that can provide more than four hours of light.

With the BladeLight you no longer have to deal with the complications of holding a light in one hand and a knife in the other. Hallelujah! Sells for US$115 at SOG Knives.

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