The Matrix Card Holder: No More Bulky Wallets for the Journey

Minimalist design, made of aluminum, and eliminates the old bulky wallet bulge in the pants

If you’ve been searching for a wallet that is cool but has a simple design then look no further. The Matrix Card Holder may just be one of the coolest minimalist wallets ever created.

Humble Beginnings

The Matrix Card Holder was created by Danish designer Jens Anso after he first started making them in his shop. Only making a few at a time he saw the potential of his product when his first design would quickly sell out. After improving upon his initial design the Matrix Card Holder was born. It gives its owners a lightweight alternative to the traditional bulky wallet.

Matrix Card Holder Design

Made of 1/8” thick solid titanium the Matrix Card Holder is extremely durable yet lightweight, weighing in at only 1.75 ounces. It is held together with four high grade stainless steel screws and can easily carry up to 6 credit cards and a few bills using a top-facing tensioned titanium spring.

Thanks to the Matrix Card Holder you can stop worrying about your cards or money bending in your wallet or not being able to sit comfortably like you do with everyday bulky wallets. If you have a love for wallets that are very strong and easily carried around the Matrix Card Holder may just be the ideal wallet for you. Its skeletonized design makes it a straightforward card carrier that makes accessing your cards easier than ever. Sells for US$250. Learn more at Anso of Denmark. 


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