KeySmart 2.0 Keeps Your Keys Organized in Style

The all in one key holder with style

Organization and preparedness should go hand in hand – and now they do. The KeySmart 2.0 lets you keep all of your keys in one nifty place. At first glance, it’s pretty unambiguous in appearance. However, while it may look much like a Swiss Army Knife, the KeySmart is actually the new and revolutionary way to hold all of your keys and more. This easily graspable and vibrantly coloured tool is no larger than the palm of your hand. Within it are your keys and any other customizable additions that you would like to add.

Car key holder with attachments

This all in one key holder allows you to add nifty little gadgets like a pocket opener, a quick disconnect tool, a pocket clip, a lanyard, and a quick retract button. In addition, you can even add a USB. It attaches to any conventional keychain or your car keys and is made in the USA from aircraft aluminium, stainless steel hardware, and a laser engraved logo.

Based on what we’ve read, many individuals have found that this product is extremely easy to use, it eliminates the need for uncomfortable and inconvenient bunches of keys, and its sleek and aesthetic design actually makes the KeySmart 2.0 a worthy little product. 


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