The Final Porsche 918 Rolls off Assembly Line

The rocket that reaches 0-60 in 2.2-seconds, the hybrid drive Porsche 918 Spyder reaches its 918 limited edition volume.

Last month, the final #918 unit Porsche 918 crossed the finish line after a 21 month journey. Rolling off the assembly line in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen right on schedule, the world now has exactly 918 happier people in the world once the keys land in their hands. But the legacy of this technology pioneer will reach far beyond its production time. Future generations of sports cars will benefit directly from innovations found in the 918 Spyder.

Porsche 918 first introduced 5 years ago

First introduced back in 2015 at the Geneva International Motor Show, the super sports car Porsche 918 got the official production thumbs-up from the Porsche Gods in the summer of 2010 and launched to the market in late 2013; the 918 Spyder represented a continuation of a series of super sports cars in Porsche history. The 904 Carrera GTS, the 959, the 911 GT1 and the Carrera GT were technology pioneers and stood among the ultimate sports cars of their respective decades.