Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket: Be Like Steve

You’ll never be Steve. But you can floss his jacket.

Modeled after the 70s racing fashion, the Steve McQueen Racking Jacket clearly has the McQueen-inspired touch of the inner lining, featuring a big image of Steve McQueen standing next to none other than a Porsche race car.


Sure, we all know Steve McQueen made his name as a movie star but it was all tied into a luxurious career as a legend in the automotive world as a racer. His films would often include a multitude of interesting material and information for all car buffs.

Porsche, the company and brand we all have come to know, is paying tribute to this departed legend; this tribute will take place on the occasion of the company’s return to the Le Mans race and with the Steve McQueen Racing Jacket front and centre.

Of course, this kind of renowned recognition will come with a price to match. The cost of the Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket is set at around US$500; but to any racing enthusiast and professional, it is well worth every penny to have such a commemorative item in their racing collection.



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