New Roav Dashtop is a next-level Head-Up Display

The best heads up display might just be an independent computer that connects to your car and phone

The new Roav Dashtop sets out to solve an issue its creator, Anker, feels is an important one: to interface and create a proper bond between your car and phone. Sitting above the instrument cluster, in front of the windshield front and centre, the Roav Dashboard is essentially an aftermarket HUD (head-up display) with the purpose of keeping the driver’s focus on the road while providing easy-glance info.

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Some of the primary vitals splashed on the window include navigation, hands-free phone calls, and music controls, though it can also reroute you to avoid traffic if necessary and alert you if you’re inching past the speed limit.

There’s also an intuitive controller attaching to the steering for manual inputs for those times voice controllable functions are needed, powered by Nuance software.

Their latest product integrates Amazon Alexa, check it out here.


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