RotopaX Fuel Packs: Slim and Smart

No one wants to get stuck on an open road somewhere with no gas and no way of getting to a nearby gas station. Which is where the slender-designed, and almost stylish yet certainly functional, RotopaX fuel packs come in.

RotopaX Fuel Pack Design

Today, the (US) government requires all portable fuel containers to be packaged correctly. RotopaX excels at this by creating packs that don’t dispense any fuel until you apply pressure against the tank. This eliminates any spillage that could occur in your vehicle. Their walls are thicker and more durable than any other fuel packs on the market right now.  With the strict requirements of the government they are the only EPA and CARB compliant containers available in the US.


Along with preventing spillage the fuel packs feature spouts that turn around and store inside of the pack opening up more space for storage. They are less prone to fading over time and do not easily wear out making them perfect for constant use outside. If you want to mount your fuel packs instead of just having them sitting around in your vehicle they can attach to a wide variety of mounting brackets. They can also be stacked on top of each other and can be locked into place. Perfect for trips along bumpy roads.

With extra thick walls and extremely durable material you could run over your RotopaX with a truck and it would likely still be completely useable. So the next time you’re out looking for a good fuel pack, maybe take a look at RotopaX.

Learn more at their site here.


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