SoundRacer will turn your subcompact into a sports car – sort of

The sweet sound of a supercar…in your subcompact

soundracer-sports-car-engineWhen it comes to cars many people dream of two significant moments. The day when they would get their driver’s license and the day they get behind a muscle car and hear its V8 engine roar. Unfortunately, the closest most people get to a muscle car is their parents’ hand-me-downs. With SoundRacer, you can be one step closer to feeling like you’re driving a car with an incredible engine.

Turn your car’s boring engine sounds into those of a variety of powerful sports car engines like the V8, V10, V12, and V10. All it takes to activate the effects is simply plugging SoundRacer into your cigarette lighter. Every movement you make in your car will cause a different sound effect. When you accelerate, decelerate, cruise, shift, even while you’re idle.

How Does SoundRacer Work?

After an initial calibration to your car the SoundRacer senses your engine’s RPM by detecting the voltage increase through your cigarette lighter. Those RPM sounds are then reproduced to sound like a top of the line sports car engine and project through your car’s stereo system. It is compatible with most makes and models of cars so no matter what you own you can enjoy the sounds of a powerful engine.

If you still dream of turning the key in the ignition of your car and hearing the sound of a powerful sports car engine, the SoundRacer is the perfect device for you. Learn more at SoundRacer.


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