Subaru Reveals the new Impreza Sport Hybrid


Adventure-seeking AWD meets Sporty Hybrid – it’s about time.

Coming off the heels of the Subaru XV Hybrid crossover released in 2013, the Japanese automaker will begin selling their all-new Subaru Impreza Sport Hybrid in Japan July 10, 2015.

For an automaker renowned for adventure and veering off the beaten track (yes, literally) with their renowned all-wheel drive, adding another fuel-conscious, green-motivated model only made sense. Plus, seeing as Subaru owners seem to typically hold on to their vehicles until they’re either stolen or falling apart, driving down the used Subaru inventory, a hybrid is likely a welcome addition to the new Subie shoppers in the market. Another plus, it’s an Impreza – a good-looking, stylish four-door.

The electric motor and high-voltage batteries of the hybrid version are positioned for better driveability, designed to make optimal use of the low centre of gravity. The hybrid system and power motor unit are mated to a CVT transmission and the energy management controls for the hybrid system batteries have been re-engineered to utilize regenerated energy at high speeds. Motive power is via the 2.0L 4-cylinder DOCH with AWD.

Inside, the Impreza Sport Hybrid finds blue accents exclusive to the hybrid model, piano-black panels, and metallic trim for that more premium feel. The exterior gets a strongly contoured front end emphasizing the wide and low look exclusive to the hybrid grade, plus new large-diameter tires and special side-sill spoiler for added sport and performance.

No announced plans for the Subaru Impreza Sport Hybrid in North America; Japanese dealers begin selling July 10, 2015.

Subaru-Impreza-Sport-Hybrid-front Subaru-Impreza-Sport-Hybrid-front


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