The Tumi Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket will fit in your Glovebox

Stay Protected From the Elements with the Tumi Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket

Every traveler has likely encountered that one horrible moment when traveling: trying to find the perfect place to lay their head for a nap on the long ride to their destination. Place your head in the wrong spot and you could end up with a sore neck for the rest of the day. Thankfully, Tumi has come up with the perfect solution.

Expanding on their traveler-friendly brand, Tumi has released the Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket. Built from lightweight, durable and water resistant nylon, the Puffer Jacket will keep you warm during pretty much any weather condition, proving it was created specifically for the man on the go.


One Jacket, Multiple Functions

The thing that sets the Tumi Patrol Travel Puffer jacket apart is that it doubles as a travel pillow. So no more having to shove your oversized jacket into the overhead compartment. And no more trying to stuff it into your suitcase. Simply use the hidden pouch in the collar to transform your jacket into a comfortable pillow.

For those who will be spending the holidays travelling back and forth through all kinds of weather the Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket is the perfect item to have. As long as you have this jacket in tow, feel free to doze off…comfortably.


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