Wing Fold Leather Card Case: More Style, Less Pocket Bulge

Hit the road with this slim, 3-card leather card carrier & wallet.

Maybe it’s time to ditch that old, thick leather wallet for something more slim, functional, and well, not as ugly. The Wing Fold Card Case layers soft leather with contrasting white stitching. All in a geometric design that both looks sharp and sophisticated yet is surprisingly handy and secure. The slim leather case holds 3 cards, which is all you really need (so ditch the Blockbuster card and expired coupons). Above, there’s another main slot to stow your cash, Apple AirTag, or more cards if necessary. Two large buttons stand out at the corners and hold down the folded leather flaps. Slide your bills and cards into the layered positions with a unique view of everything inside. Overall, a simple, well-designed card wallet to hit the road with style.