Take Care of Your Car With Mechanic Advisor

Mechanic Advisor Gets you plugged into your car’s health

Many people have experienced that moment of panic when their check engine light has come on and you don’t know what could be wrong with your car. Now, thanks to Mechanic Advisor, you can figure out what that scary check engine light actually means.

Mechanic Advisor is a device that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and interprets any issues that your car may be experiencing. When combined with the smartphone app it can even recommend an auto shop that can help fix the problem. The goal of Mechanic Advisor is to use the same diagnosing techniques auto shops do to detect any problems in your car. Once issues are detected Mechanic Advisor then translates them into laymans terms so you can better understand exactly what is going on with your car.


The Mechanic Advisor is a great tool for reminding you when your car is due to be serviced. You can see stats on a variety of things like:

  • How long before you need your next oil change
  • Determine if anything is leaking
  • Find out when you need to replace your brakes
  • When you need to change your tires

The Mechanic Advisor works with pretty much any vehicle that was manufactured from 1996 to now. Built with safety in mind it is the perfect feature for those who like to stay on top of their cars’ stats. Learn more at their site here.


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