Fit For Diplomats, Dealers, And Suburban Dads, Why Not. There’s A Small Crop Of Builders Creating Modified, Bullet-Proof Trucks And Utility Vehicles For Those Who Actually Need Them. Here’s Our On-Going List Of The Latest In Tactical Machines.

2020 rezvani tank

1,000-hp 2020 Rezvani TANK Built for the Streets

Is your full-size SUV not cutting it? Maybe it’s time for an XUV. The 2020 Rezvani TANK is a street-legal, 1,000-hp beast with thermal/night vision system.
Rezvani Tank Military Edition

The Rezvani Tank Military Edition Should Checkoff Most of the SUV Must-Haves

When you need a personal tank with added protection. The Rezvani Tank Military Edition sells for $300K and includes rear smoke, bulletproof glass, and thermal night vision to get started. We're sold.
Plasan Yagu armoured vehicle

Yagu Armoured Vehicle by Israeli-based Plasan | The Next-Level, Ballistic ATV

When survival on the roads is key, you need a tactical vehicle - whether it’s defending off militants in war-torn countries or the crazies at the local Walmart parking lot.
Rezvani Tank Tactical Urban Vehicle

The New Rezvani Tank Can Be Yours for US$178,000

This US$178,000 Tactical Urban Vehicle by Rezvani is built for any off-road and on-road challenge. With thermal night vision for good measure.
Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank

The Dual-Tracked Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank Will Fight Traffic Like a Champ

Everyone needs a tank, right? The Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank by Howe and Howe Tech might just be the answer. But expect 6+ months to get one.

The INKAS Hudson APC armoured personnel carrier for 8 passengers — and one turret...

The new Hudson APC by INKAS is a highly-maneuverable and configurable armoured personnel carrier for SWAT. Or, the zombie apocalypse.

USSV’s Rhino GX takes the Ford 450 Super Duty to another level

Built on the Ford 450 Super Duty, the Rhino GX is an all-terrain vehicle that will pretty much go anywhere, no matter what the environment.

Gurkha RPV Tactical Armoured Vehicle Is Somehow Now Civilian-Friendly

Built on the Ford F-550 chassis, the 19,500-pound Canadian-based Gurkha RPV monster is now a grocery-getting, kid-hauling tactical beast.

Chat with Mahmoud Samara: Cadillac Canada’s Managing Director on Reinventing a...

We chat with Cadillac Canada's new Managing Directer, Mahmoud Samara, about his journey with the company and the reinvention of the iconic 100-plus-year-old brand.