Best Travel Trailers, Campers, and Motorhomes your Neighbour Will Envy

Badass Travel Trailers, Campers, and Motorhomes Your Neighbour Will Envy

From small travel trailers and camper vans to burly camper trucks and insane motorhomes, we source the best in these adventure vehicles that’ll take you off the beaten path – and keep you up with the Joneses, if that matters. 

For those of us who never grew up camping with our parents — missing out on those nostalgic moments sitting on dad’s lap near the camp fire, or having to piss in the trees in pitch black darkness — there’s a whole new crop of badass campers and travel trailers to make up for all of that. And for those who have cherished memories of being on the road with the folks, well, those days are over. From the latest VW Campers that put the original T1 to shame to crazy new trailers and tents that belong on your MINI’s roof, today’s definition of trekking to camp spots is unlike anything your Dad could have imagined. And your kids will love your for it (sorry, Dad). Also check out:

Best Travel Trailers, Campers, and RVs Right Now

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Amee Reehal
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