Best Land Rover Defenders We’d Buy Right Now

If your 4×4 Defender isn’t cutting it, traversing mountains and ripping through rivers, check out this on-going list for inspiration as we honour Land Rover’s iconic and venerable off-roader as designers, custom shops, and fans keep the Defender alive. 

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It’s been a good run. First launched in 1948, the Land Rover Defender utility off-roader was first developed from the original Land Rover Series over 67-years ago. Fast-forward 2015,  the British automaker announced the Defender would end production in December 2015 (with one report stating production extension into February 2016). And interesting tidbit: the Defender was originally called the Land Rover One Ten introduced in 1983 and the Land Rover 90 introduced in 1984 – both model names representing the wheelbase. In 1990, Land Rover shifted from the Defender 90 to simply the Land Rover Defender in 1989, the same year the new Discovery SUV entered the wary market (to be banished around 10 years later, and now resurrected in 2015). While we’re excited the Discovery is back to replace the awkward LR2, we’re more excited about the possibility of the stylish DC100 concept introduced at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Land Rover, let’s make it happen.

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