2015 Audi RS7 Video Review

A Hellcat made in Germany? Not quite but the new Audi RS7  will definitely take on the American muscle and do it with style. Up until this years introduction of the New Audi R8 Geneva auto show, this hot hatch was Audi’s most powerful car.

From the outside, the 2015 Audi RS7 doesn’t stray too far from its S and A7 siblings. The front grill gets a little different treatment,  under the slight flared fenders are standard 21” rims and red RS brake calipers. Other than some subtle RS badging, at quick glance, you can’t really tell this is any different than an S model.

RS Interior Impressions

The interior of the RS is rich and functional as you would expect. Gauges are well laid out and the standard  MMI (Multi Media Interface) is displayed on a hidden screen. This RS is equipped with the optional Bang and Olufsen stereo and it is spectacular ($6500 Option) Quilted sport seats come standard and carbon fiber trim is optional. One thing to note, the RS7 and the S7 both only carry 4 passengers while the A7 can carry five. Head and legroom is adequate in the rear although passengers over 6” may experience some hair rubbing due to the sloping rear roof line.

Power: 2015 RS7’s 4.0L 560-hp engine

Under the hood is a 4.0L Direct Injected Twin -Turbo engine spooling out 560HP. Don’t let the power fool you, this car really is practical as I experienced. You will feel just as comfortable driving the RS on the Autobahn or driving to the mall.

The power is very smooth and the steering is light making this an extremely easy car for everyday use. The RS even has cylinder deactivation cutting half the cylinders off when not needed to conserve fuel. When asked though, the RS can lose its polite street manners and turn into a German Hulk literally destroying everything in its path.

One thing to note, the RS7 and the S7 both only carry 4 passengers while the A7 can carry five.

0-60 in 3.7 sec. And a top speed of 174MPH. How’s that for a car that can carry a family of 4 including two infant car seats and a hatch full of strollers and baby stuff.


Starting at $116,000, the 2015 RS7 is hardly cheap but you are getting a very premium product that can be driven everyday of the year, carry passengers and cargo comfortably and still able to make you smile with a simple press of the right pedal.

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